Health tests to be done every year to stay healthy

We are living in modern world and mankind has done enough to protect them from future health concerns. The medical research has done great job in health tests which can show your body current situation and detect any abnormalities like cholesterol levels, hepatitis, Aids, heart condition etc. The following tests should be taken once a year to detect any ill health

Lipid Profile

Lipid profile is a blood test where a sample of blood is taken and screened to get the composition and percentage of cholestrol levels including HDL, LDL, VLDL and tryglycerides. This test requires atleast 12 hour fasting to get accurate result.


ECG is a test which simply record the rythm of heart through electric waves. It is a painless test where electrodes are attached to the chest of the person and heart signals are recorded into wavy lines which detirmine the heart function.

Blood pressure And Sugar Test

Blood pressure and sugar tests are common which should be taken routinely but after 40 these tests should be taken mor frequently.

Dental Examination

Dental examination should be done once a year, it not only covers your teeth rather the dental physician can check your gums, throat and mouth too.

Cancer Screening

Few of the cancers can be detected early if cancer screening is done early. This test is important as cancer is a life threatening disease and should be detected at early stage.

Eye Test

Aging effect vision also, so eye test should be taken once a year to take action against poor vision in future.

Bone Mineral Density Test

This test is also important especially after 40, it detirmine the minerals present in your bone especially calcium. Deficiency in calcium can cause Osteoporosis.

Hepatitis Test

Hepatitis A, B and C are common in developing world and hepatitis B and C can become fatal. Hepatitis test should be take and it is advisable to get vaccination to improve the immunity in your body.

Chest Xray

Chest xray is a must do test which can examine lot of body organs including lungs condition, heart size, ribs etc.

There are lot of other tests but list is so long which require plenty of time to finish and if i am not mistaken one have to admit to hospital for a week to complete all tests.

Urine Test

Waste products produced by the kidney contain different components which can be measured through urine test and diagnose any malfunctioning in kidney or other system. Many findings can be resulted through urine test but normal test includes the color of urine, gravity, ph and proteins.

Eye Test

Eye test is the most simple examination to determine your eye sight and color blindness, blood pressure and diabetes. Earlier diagnoses through eye test can lead to a proper vision along with other health issues.

The above list is simple and short and does not claim too much of your time and can be done in city labs along with local hospitals.

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